Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the trailer made of?

The Bushwagon Jeep trailer frame is made of steel and the tongue is a steel two piece adjustable length unit which bolts directly to the hitch. The shell of the trailer is made of a paintable fiberglass material or comes in black.

Q: Once I order a trailer how long before it is delivered?

It takes about 30 days to manufacture a Bushwagon Jeep trailer. Delivery time is based on your location. The trailer is shipped out of Stanton, CA.

Q: How long does it take setup the tentt?

With a little practice you can set it up in a few minutes. Since the tent doesn't touch the ground, you and the tent cleaner. The Bushwagon Jeep Trailer is fast and clean!.

Q: How much weight can I punt ont the cover rack?

The cover rack has been tested for 300 lbs and with an option which will be announced soon the Bushwagon Trailer will be able to support more. Trail tested carrying your gear you Jeep trail will go where other trailers can't.

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  • 29th / October / 2012 Bushwagon introduced at SEMA! more>>

  • 5th / November / 2012Bushwagon extensive test the trailer at Apex. more>>

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What Customers say

"I took this trailer on my last trip and couldn't believe how well it held together!"

- Rob H.

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